Learn about wine in an educational yet relaxed atmosphere while developing team rapport and collaboration.

You can choose among the following activities or work with the winery staff to customize your own experience.

Blind Wine Tasting Challenge

Do you want to learn how to taste wine like Sommeliers do? If so, then this activity is right for you. You will be taught a four-step approach to wine tasting (See, Sniff, Sip, Sense). Next, you will be given an introduction of how to identify various wines in a blind tasting. Then, use your newly acquired skills to work in teams to guess the varietal of each taste in a flight of wines. Please allow 1.5 hours for this activity.

Wine and Chocolate Pairing Challenge

Wine and chocolate – what could be better? First learn about basic food and wine pairing principles and how to pair wine and chocolate. Next, discover techniques for tasting wine and chocolate together. Then, break into teams to decide which wine goes best with each of the artisan chocolates provided. Please allow 1 hour for this activity.

Component Tasting and Wine Blending

Have you wondered what it takes to create the perfect wine blend? For this activity, you will learn about each of the components that make up one of our Test Pilot red blends. Then, you will join a team to perform trials to arrive at the perfect blend. Each team’s creation will compete head-to-head in a blind taste challenge to see which one “reigns supreme.” Please allow 1.5 hours for this activity.

Catering can be arranged. All Team Building Activities must be reserved and paid for one week in advance. Email events@cgv.com or call 408-867-7116 for more information or to reserve.

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